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HEINEKEN announces proposed CEO reappointment and Supervisory Board (re)appointments

  • Reappointment of Chief Executive Officer Dolf van den Brink
  • Reappointment of Supervisory Board members Jean-Marc Huët (Chairman) and Pamela Mars-Wright
  • Appointment of Supervisory Board member and Vice-Chairman Peter Wennink

Re-appointment of the CEO

Amsterdam, 14 December 2023 - Heineken N.V. (HEINEKEN) nominates Dolf van den Brink for reappointment as member of the Executive Board of the company at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 25 April 2024. The proposed reappointment is for a four-year term as per 1 June 2024.

Dolf van den Brink started his tenure as Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of HEINEKEN on 1 June 2020, following a successful 22-year career at the company. Under his leadership, HEINEKEN embarked on the multi-year EverGreen strategy to future-proof the company and sustain growth in a fast-changing world. Despite global volatility, the company has delivered significant revenue and operating profit growth, successful productivity programs, fundamental digital and sustainability transformations and growth of its premium portfolio led by Heineken®. The company also extended its advantaged footprint with large acquisitions in Africa and India.

Jean-Marc Huët, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, commented: “We are very pleased to nominate Dolf van den Brink for a next term as member of the Executive Board. Under his leadership, the EverGreen strategy was successfully launched to evolve the business and to deliver superior and balanced growth, with customers and consumers at the core. Dolf has built a strong leadership team and has accelerated the growth and development of HEINEKEN.” The Supervisory Board has reappointed Dolf van den Brink as Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), conditional upon his reappointment as member of the Executive Board.

Reappointment and appointment of Supervisory Board members

A nomination for the reappointment of Jean-Marc Huët as member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for a period of two years shall be submitted to the AGM 2024 for approval. The Supervisory Board proposes to reappoint Jean-Marc Huët in view of his dedicated leadership, resulting in a strong, diverse and highly committed Supervisory Board and a solid relationship with the Executive Board.

The Supervisory Board also proposes to reappoint Pamela Mars-Wright for a period of two years at the AGM 2024. The Supervisory Board proposes to reappoint Pamela Mars-Wright in view of her broad strategic business and commercial expertise as well as her experience in a family-controlled business and her valuable contributions to the Supervisory Board.

In addition, the Supervisory Board nominates Peter Wennink for appointment as member of the Supervisory Board, effective from the 2024 AGM for a period of four years. A Dutch national, Peter was appointed President and CEO of ASML on 1 July 2013, after joining the Board of Management of ASML in 1999 as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Under his leadership, ASML has grown significantly to become one of the most successful and leading companies in the Netherlands and the world. Prior to ASML, Peter worked as a partner at Deloitte Accountants B.V. Peter also has experience in various non-executive roles. He holds a degree from the NIVRA School for Auditors.

Jean-Marc Huët commented: “We are delighted to nominate Peter Wennink as new member of our Supervisory Board, supporting the company in its aim to deliver sustainable long-term value creation for its stakeholders. With his many years of experience and exceptional qualities, Peter will bring valuable and new perspectives to the Supervisory Board.” The Supervisory Board has appointed Peter Wennink as Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, conditional upon his appointment as member of the Supervisory Board.

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